George Lake



Oneida County / Southeast of Rhinelander on Highway 8



Public boat landing with dock on East shoreline



Lake George Campsite, Resorts


Surface Water Area: 

446 Acres



5.5 Miles


Maximum Depth: 

26 Feet


Primary Game Fish Species: 

Northern Pike, Walleye, Panfish (Crappie, Perch Bluegill)


Secondary Game Fish Species: 

Musky, Large mouth and Small mouth Bass



Fishing Tips:


Lake George sees a substantial amount of boating and fishing pressure, but it continues to produce fish. 


The water has a fair to good population of crappies. These fish will congregate in the reeds in the spring to spawn. They will disperse into sunken brush piles and suspend out on the many rock bars. If you can locate them, you can catch them all day. As far as size, they run in the average of 10-12", but there are some nice bigger ones in there as well.


Walleye are abundant. They tend to run in the 12-16" but it has also been seen to have 27-30" also. That's a nice fish. Walleye tend to be rock oriented. Jigs or live bait are suggested for these fish.

Bass are available both Large and Small mouth. Bass are a popular fish on this lake. 


The Northern Pike are weed related. To catch these fish you would want to use bass spinner baits and small musky plugs.


Musky fishing is good here as well. Concentrate on the weed edges early in the year using small twitch baits and bucktails. You can also hang out at the rocks as that is one place they like to hide especially when it gets to the cooler weather.


Lake George sees a lot of boat and fishing pressure due to the resorts and campsite so Early in the morning or Late in the afternoon would be the best time to fish.







      STATE LAW:

  • Registration required for motorboats
  • Wearable life preservers required in boat for each person
  • Boat lights (red/green combo and white light) after sunset
  • Observer required in boat plus driver when towing skiers or similar devices
  • fishing license required



See state boating and fishing pamphlets

for other laws


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